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Oregon Koi and Water Garden Club's Grant Article





Oregon Koi and Water Garden Society presented a  program free to the public. November 1st. held at the Winston-Dillard Fire Station.
Brian Marshall talked about winter care for pond and koi. How temperature effects our koi, and how water quality during the winter is as important as it is in the spring and summer.
Faye Forhan spoke about winter preparation and care for water garden plants
Norman Call shared his knowledge  of Koi identification.

Inland Empire Water Garden & Koi Society's Grant Article

 By:  Diana Lynn Rehn





So many times the clubs of the PNKCA attend events.  What a wonderful opportunity to let the public know about your club and give out information, perhaps a brochure, to encourage the public to become a new member.


   Our club decided to apply for a PNKCA Grant so we could produce such a brochure.  Many years ago we had a brochure, but this year, with our new President in charge, a new brochure was produced.  





We used this brochure starting with our first event of the year, The Garden Expo in May of 2014, at our meetings, and our pond tour in July.  We gave many away so we could promote not only the hobby but our individual club.

Text Box: At the Garden Expo

So, what would be good to include in such a brochure?  Using ours and an example, the first thing to do is make sure your brochure is clear and concise.  Make the cover eye catching without too much information, include the title (obviously), perhaps a picture of a members’ pond (ours features the Aspenleiter’s pond), a short phrase of what your club is about, and your website address.


Inside, again, be short and sweet.  Give information about your club and the benefits of belonging to your club.  We talk about what our club does for the possible new member, whether the full blown koi keeper or just a small water garden.  List the activities along with the benefits of belonging to your club.  Ours shows the benefits of getting a monthly newsletter, meetings, our pond tour and other activities and the benefits of belonging to a group with the same interests and the years of experience (here I always want to say “so you don’t have to” in that voice I hear on the television).  We also have pictured our logos of the associations we belong to, including the PNKCA!


Okay, anything we are forgetting?  Yes, make sure you have a membership application included.  Make it short and perhaps one-half a page like we did (it is the back cover) so the interested person can fill it out and send it in (so make sure you give the dues and address to mail it to. 

All our PNKCA clubs should remember that the PNKCA has a $150 Grant available to up to six clubs each year. Perhaps your club can apply for such a grant so you can produce a brochure like we did with our PNKCA Grant in 2014.


Text Box: Jim Elms (Age:102) pond sitting at our Pond Tour handing out our 2014 Brochures.Do your brochure now!



Idaho Water Garden & Koi Society's Grant Article

IWGKS 2014 Treasure Valley Tour of Ponds

July 19 & 20, 2014 10am - 2pm


The Pond Tour was amazing!

Six of Treasure Valley’s finest ponds were featured and visited by the public during this two day event. 

While attendance was not as large as we would have hoped due to scorching temperatures, the ponds were spectacular and the Hosts gracious and welcoming. Thanks to all Hosts and Pond Sitters, we couldn’t have done it without you!


Cascade Koi & Goldfish Club's Grant Article


[Our President, Terrie Kaufman & Member At Large, Darrell Strand, chat with fish & water plant lovers.]

May 17, 2014. This time we set up at the Rare Plant Research Nursery in Oregon City, OR. What a venue! The greenhouses on site housed some unusual, rare, sub-tropical and tropical plants that were a delight to view (and purchase, for some of us gardener-types).

Our "booth" was set up in a field and it was a good thing we brought a canopy with us as the weather cooperated very nicely and we had sunshine all day long. We answered the typical questions of pond owners.

The grounds include a wine tasting courtyard at the owner’s house located on a hill and two lakes, on different ground levels. Overall, it was a great day.

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