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2016 PNKCA Grant Articles and Pictures

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The Canada Koi Club of B.C.



Our club was approached by a representative of the Ronald McDonald House in Vancouver B.C. to assist in the maintenance and care of the koi pond that was installed as part of a renovation project. For the first year, members of the club were making weekly visits to look after all aspects of the koi pond. The maintenance staff and a few volunteers have learned how to care for the koi and have taken on more of the chores associated with the pond upkeep. Now our members do not have to devote as much time and make bi-weekly visits to ensure that everything is working well. There have been a few issues that have come up since we began helping, mostly related to small design problems that needed modification. A grate was installed over the pond that impedes feeding the fish and we hope to remove that. The filtration system has required several repairs. Even though we have been able to order replacement parts for the current system, the pond should have an upgraded filtration system in order to ensure the health of the koi. The full-time maintenance man feeds the koi every day from spring until late fall. He said he always makes sure that the children are there to help and enjoy the event. He says it’s the highlight of his day and he loves it. We are asking for the PNKCA grant in order to purchase a new filtration system for the Ronald McDonald House pond. The $150.00 will help to reduce the costs incurred by either the facility or our club. We greatly appreciate your support. Yours truly, Marc Tilkin President, CKCBC



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Inland Empire Water Garden & Koi Society



Many, many years ago the Inland Empire Water Garden got new banners. This was partially paid for by the Pacific Northwest Koi Clubs Association. We used this banner at all our events for the public to see, such as the Garden Expo, Pond Tours, etc.



The banners we had were so old they even had our old logo which was updated after the signs were produced

My what a change we made. We got New BANNERS!

We have a booth each year at the Garden Expo which draws thousands of people, many of whom look for our booth. We needed to modernize and get that updated logo on our banners. So we applied for the PNKCA Grant and got our new banner LIKE THIS:


We are so pleased with this banner. We also got a second banner which touts the benefits of joining our club. It is bright and modern looking. We set both of these banners up at this year's Garden Expo. It is the one to the right of our new "generic" banner.



We are so pleased and thank the PNKCA for offering such a grant. The grants truly help our smaller clubs with things that can add and enhance their club "images". Don't forget to apply for your grant next year and perhaps get your own new banners!

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Oregon Koi & Water Garden Society


Oregon Koi & Water Garden Society double teamed it this year, with two club booths set up at two different venues.
PetCo "Adopt a Pet"; and the Master Gardner plant sell.
Members set up a 6'; tank and filled it full of beautiful koi, fresh out of Normans pond in the parking lot of PetCo.
The club booth at the Master Gardner plant sell was full of literature on the hobby of koi keeping.
Our club used both of the events to get information of the hobby of koi and to interest new member to the club.
Thanks for the PNKCA grant we were able to print up flyer's to hand out at both venues to the public.


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The Idaho Water Garden and Koi Society

Sot and Sue at Japan Week

The Idaho Water Garden and Koi Society took part in the Idaho Japanese Associations annual Japan Days in June of this year. The event showcased Japanese culture in the Eastern Idaho region and was a fundraiser for the organization. The IWGKS set up a booth to spread the word about the hobby of koi keeping and its deep roots and traditions in Japan.


Children and adults alike crowded around the booth, mesmerized by the koi brought for display by club members. Many new members were created by promoting pond care and ownership through flyers and informational pamphlets.


The club continues to promote koi keeping in the area year round and events like this are one way to introduce people to the magic of koi.

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Linda Montgomery Teaches

On April 9th 2016, the Northwest Koi and Goldfish Club hosted a booth at the Newburg Camilla Festival in Newburg, Oregon. This was the second year we have attended this event. Many people who have water gardens and ponds make it to the festival each year so it is an excellent opportunity to promote the hobby and our club.


Linda Montgomery did an excellent presentation that the public thoroughly enjoyed. We also had a wonderful display of koi in a show tank so the public could see how beautiful the koi truly are.

Overall, the event was a success again because we were able to allow the general public the opportunity to see our finned friends up close as well as educate them about how to care for them.


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