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2018 PNKCA Promotional Grants

WK&WGS 2018 Outreach Event – Molbak’s Nursery

This July, a small team of WK&WGS members staged an outreach event at Molbak’s Nursery in Woodinville, Washington.

Club President Rob Kenny enjoys his koi, with assistance from PNKCA Reps Jennifer and Ted.

As one of the oldest, largest and most well-visited garden supply stores in the state, Molbak’s had long been in our sights for an event of this sort. We were excited to learn that a former club member, Marcia Sundstad, was working at the nursery and advocating for a koi display. With little further prompting, WK&WGS president Rob Kenny assembled a troop of volunteers (including his own koi), and led the way.

Assembled crowds!

On Friday, July 20th, Rob and Nancy Moore assembled an 8’ show tank, complete with viewing window, heater and airstones. Early the next morning, Jennifer Treiberg and Ted Baughman arrived at Rob’s to assist in the inaugural netting of his fish. Once the fish were released, Barb Sundgren and Nancy joined in to help in answering the numerous questions and collecting the accolades from the curious members of the public.

Who is watching who?

Overall, the late summer date was a compromise based on the late notice for the event, and attendance at the nursery was lower than we had hoped for. A future event has been tentatively agreed upon, and everyone agrees that a spring date would much more ideal.
Even so, we still handed out numerous show booklets and koi related ephemera and drew very interested responses from both the staff and shoppers. It is our hope that this is the first step in cultivating a new, long-term relationship that will expose our hobby to a steady stream of like-minded gardening enthusiasts!


Submitted by Ted Baughman

Inland Empire Water Garden & Koi Society

INVITED TO A NEW EVENT – JUNE 9 – 8:00 A.M. TO 3:00 P.M.


Our club was invited to have a booth featuring water plant materials as the theme of this event was focusing on water plants and features by The Friends of Manito.

The Friends of Manito helps support, preserves, and helps implement changes one of the largest parks in Spokane, including the Nishinomiya Tsutakawa Memorial Gardens, our Japanese Garden and a jewel of the city.

Unfortunately, on the day of the event it was raining, not just raining, but a full downpour! Our members gamely got their rain gear on and set up our display.

The display featured a small water garden that anyone could make out of a small container. We had other information along with an updated brochure. This brochure had an article featuring how to repot/pot plants using anoxic filtration principles.


Although it was raining cats and dogs, the event was well attended with the Friends of Manito selling plants. We did have some people stop by and talk briefly, the weather was just not cooperating for people to be able to stick around for long.

We thank John and Linda Seifert, Don Chapman and Jo Fister and Frank Rehn (who was sent home rather than stand around getting soaked.) We thank John for his changing the Brochure to fit the event.

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Oregon Koi and Watergarden Society

A big thank you to all club members for jumping in and creating a great Koi Expo this year at the Sherm’s parking area. We had a large participation from the members with everyone stepping-up and interacting with the public, answering questions, sharing their love of water gardening and the keeping of fish.
I know we inspired people to dream of going home and expanding their ponds and gardens or starting a whole new hobby or project.
The auction of donated koi was also a good fundraiser for Oregon Koi & Watergarden Society.
Thanks again to members that donated fish to this auction.





This was our 3rd. year having a club booth at the Douglas County Master Gardens’ Plant & Garden Expo. The one day event is always a great opportunity to talk about our club, and encourage new members. We had so much fun, the club agreed to plan for next years plant expo.



Submitted by Randy and Kim Brock Oregon Koi and Watergarden Socitey

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