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Peter Ponzio's new website on Goldfish!!

Web Links
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Web Address




Clubs & Associations

AKCA (Associated Koi Clubs of America)

National Association


PNKCA (Pacific Northwest Koi Clubs of America)

Regional Association

(ZNA) Zen Nippon Airinkai

World Wide Association; Northwest Contact is Larry Christensen
Phone: 503-531-3303

Koi Club of SanDiego

Norm Meck's Water Quality Articles

Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club

ZNA NW Chapter

Washington Koi and Water Garden Society - Resource Section

Rich Street's Microscope Links and "Koi Identification Tool"


Bulletin Boards


Dr. Erick Johnson

Nishikigoi International




Commercial Sites with Interesting or Technical Information

Pan Intercorp

Talking Koi Encyclopedia - A koi encyclopedia describing the different koi breeds and related terms, incorporating sound to aid in pronunciation

Koi Joy

Good techncial information on how to size pumps, piping, electrical, etc.

Nishikigoi International

English - top end koi ponds.

Mike Singleton

Good "how to build" ideas

Greg Bickal

Good "how to build" ideas, liner penetration boot



Commercial Sites for Koi & Goldfish Health Issues

Dr. Erick Johnson

Good reference for koi health issues


Video clips of koi parasites and other koi health information from the United Kingdom


Good site for identifying things you might see through a microscope

Good source for all goldfish issues



Private Sites


Best source for pond water chemistry

Rich & Lisa Street

Excellent Microscope Links, "Koi Identification Tool" & Goldfish Section

Duncan Griffiths

Excellent Koi Health and Disease resource