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Peter Enfield


By Gene M. Anderson

Peter Enfield accepts the award from Larry Christensen

Regarded as the highest and most prestigious honor that the association can bestow to a single outstanding individual each year that is a member of the Pacific Northwest Koi Clubs Association.

To be considered for the Bronze Koi Award, a candidate must be a member of a PNKCA Koi club and involved in koi keeping in the Pacific Northwest for at least ten years, must be a koi hobbyist and, during that time, must not be involved in the selling of koi, Goldfish or related products. The candidate must have demonstrated a long, outstanding commitment and dedication to the koi hobby.

Peter Enfield, the honoree receiving this year’s Bronze Koi Award was selected for the many years of not only being a koi hobbyist, but Peter went beyond that by supporting the many koi hobbyist that he encountered along the journey of being involved in clubs and the support he provided to these individuals and the many clubs in the Northwest.

Peter has been a long-standing member of the Pacific Wonderland Koi club and the Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club.

Beautiful stained glass overlooks the entryway

Peter is a graduate mechanical engineer who has spent some years abroad applying his engineering skills and then settled down in the Pacific Northwest. Peter designed and built the home that he and his wife have lived in for many years.  Peter incorporated many features into their home to accommodate his passion for fish and water gardening. This is apparent with skylights designed to enhance water gardens that reach from the floor to the cathedral ceilings in rooms throughout the home.

Stained glass koi at Peter's front door

Leaded glass windows of koi and water plants grace not only the front door but appear in overhead skylights. Peters engineering skills are demonstrated here once again with the special design of the lead glass panels to prevent them from collapsing downward while hanging flat inside the skylights. Outside the home Peter has built two koi ponds that are supported by filtration systems that he has designed and built himself.

Peter's bulldog overlooks the koi pond

Over the years Peter has made himself available to helping koi hobbyist build ponds. With his passion for koi and engineering skills he would evaluate filters and pump capacities. Peter has applied his knowledge in the development of filters, ozonators, skimmers and anything that us passionate koi keepers can dream up. Peter has always been known for following through on questions and providing an answer.  As I mentioned earlier in this article about Peter and the lead glass windows that adorn his home, Peter is an artist as well as a mechanical engineer. Once Peter perfected the art of lead glass windows, his passion as an artist and koi hobbyist surfaced to an all-new level that made him internationally known for the beautiful koi slates that he makes. Peter has developed a technique that allows him to take the photo of a specific koi, scale it to the size of the slate to be used. Then working the slate with tools to create the outer frame for the fused glass koi that will emerge from the center of the slate. There are many steps that Peter’s hands perform as an artist that provide the final beautiful slate artwork that are sought after internationally. Peter does not sell these one of a kind pieces of art. Peter has donated these beautiful slates to koi associations and clubs to honor special dignitaries and to be used as fundraisers at auctions of clubs. Peter’s most recent donation and gift was to provide slates to the Associated Koi Clubs of America (AKCA) – KHV Project. This is Peter’s way of providing funding for the research and eradication of KHV to the koi hobby.

Overlooking the lower koi pond

I am a very fortunate individual to know Peter Enfield, not only to be able to write this article, but to know that Peter is a very giving individual and an individual who never expects or accepts compensation for his contributions, an individual who shies away from being acknowledged.

One of Peters fans said it so appropriately, “he is the ultimate for the standards of the Bronze Koi Award.”

Peter accepted the award at the June PNKCA Convention hosted by the Cascade Koi & Goldfish Club of Portland, Oregon, during the PNKCA Representatives meeting and presented by Past PNKCA Chairman and Bronze Koi Committee Chairman, Larry Christensen.  

Congratulations Peter and thank you from all us in the koi hobby.

Some of Peter's beautiful koi slates on display