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Chris Charbonneau - Chairperson
Chris has been a koi keeper since 2002, when she thought it would be neat if she had some colorful fish for her water garden.

She now has a greenhouse pond and enjoys keeping a number of very large Nishikigoi which she went to Japan to select.

She is a member of WK&WGS and NIKK.

Sue Boydstun - Vice-Chairperson
Member of IWGKS and WK&WGS

Diana Lynn Rehn - Secretary


President of IEWGKS

Member of NIKK
























Pat Christensen - Treasurer
Member of Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club




















Outgoing Chairman - Elsie Richardson

Little did I know 15 years ago when we built our first Koi pond that it would lead to the wonderful adventure that I have had and the fascination I have with these beautiful Koi.

In 2001 I became a member of the Oregon Koi and Watergarden Society. Through the encouragement of the club I enrolled in the KHA program sponsored by the AKCA. I graduated in 2004 and took additional courses along the way and was renewed as a KHA in 2006.  The OK&WS is such a big part of my life and I truly enjoy the camaraderie that I have with the members of my club plus all of the people I have met across the country. I truly enjoy the hobby, as it is a family affair and there is nothing more relaxing than setting by the pond and enjoying watching my Koi. I am serving as the President for 2007, have served as Secretary for 2 years, Show Co-Chair. I have been honored by my club with The AKCA Person of the Year in 2004, the OK&WS Koi Person of the Year 2005, and Ed Fujimoto Award in 2007. I have been a PNKCA Rep for 3 years. I am looking forward to working with the PNKCA board and all of the clubs across the Pacific Northwest.

Outgoing Secretary - Carmen Stafford
In 1999 I had my first pond built. I learned a lot with this pond and in doing so made every mistake you can along the way. I recently had my pond enlarged from 1600 gallons to 6880 gallons. Boy, are my fish happy! I’ve been a member of the Mid-Columbia Koi & Pond Club since about 1999 and recently became newsletter editor. For the last three years I have organized our club’s annual pond tour. I am also a member of the North Idaho Koi Keepers and look forward to learning a lot from their meetings.  My involvement with the PNKCA began in 2005 when I attended my first PNKCA convention in Portland. The Executive Board was looking for a volunteer club for the 2006 22nd annual convention. I talked my club members into hosting the convention. They said okay, but that I would have to chair it, so I did. While doing this, I became a PNKCA Representative for my club. The convention took a year to plan, and with the help of lots of people, we got it done. Now I’m looking forward to serving as Secretary for the PNKCA Executive Board. 

Outgoing Treasurer - Lucy Macneal
I met my first koi at the Honolulu Airport in 1980 and I thought they were magnificent. Little did I know that 10 years later Nancy and I would begin construction of our first pond.  At first, the fish were Nancy’s, but I succumbed to the allure and bought my first fish, Emily, a cute Yamabuki Ogon, in 1992.  Fast forward over the last 15 years—I’ve been an active member of the Washington Koi & Water Garden Society, and have served on the Executive Board as Treasurer, Newsletter Editor (twice) and President (twice) and I’ve chaired two of our Annual Koi Shows. I have learned more things than I ever thought I would want to know—how to inject fish, how to do a necropsy, etc. Not the most fun part of koikeeping, but the joys far outweigh the challenges and the failures. It has been so much fun to meet other koi kichi people; I’ve been to at least five PNKCA Conventions, three AKCA Seminars, and numerous koi shows up and down the west coast. I have made lots of friends and seen incredibly beautiful fish, and I still am thrilled when our koi come rushing over at the sound of my voice. I look forward to working with club members across the Pacific Northwest as I serve as PNKCA Treasurer.


              Chris Charbonneau 


        Sue Boydstun


             DianaLynn Rehn